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What I am pretty good at

I know what I don't know, and I know what I am good at.

Here is a round up.

I give clarity and shape. I put structure where it is needed.

My strengths lie in building, owning and driving the implementation of holistic strategies
that improve the end-to-end CX at every touchpoint. 
I love strategising, planning, organising. This is what I do best. Probably.
I build solid strategies that give direction on how to best deliver against business goals.
I create inspiring but realistic business cases to get buy-in, initiate projects and get resources from GMT.
I build project charters and CPAs to lift these projects off the ground. 
I write on walls. I organise workshops where we all write on walls!
I write Jira tickets. Own 126 notebooks. And 5 agendas online and offline.
Have multiple lists in multiple shapes and forms for different purposes.

And I live in a post-it house. Only half-kidding, I live in a notebook house.

For the anecdote, I once I made a powerpoint where I shortlisted a list of handbags,
and I presented it - not sent, presented!- to my family and friends for vote before I could actually purchase
"The one". The bag that would define me. 

I see the bigger picture as well as the details.

In all my previous roles as manager, I had to constantly communicate to GMT members on a top line level as well as briefing team members in more detail, therefore I have been used to constantly “think of everything”.
This means that I instantly calculate and balance the impact of an idea on a small scale and simultaneously put it in perspective to see the bigger picture. This became second nature and it helps me to anticipate and make the right strategic decisions. Most of the time. I'm not perfect eh!

I ensure brand consistency at all touchpoints.

I love design, I spend hours on Pinterest pinning design inspirations like an addict. My creative skills, as well as my Brand Manager background, give me the natural ability to build impactful consistent branding at all touchpoints. I help turn a brand from "yeah it's allright" to "this is absolutely stunning".
Product design, label, ecom packaging, print booklets, website design, email design, social media posts, photography and video look & feel... 
I align them all to build a solid and consistent portfolio and comms platform.
From existing guidelines, I ensure that all assets reflect the positioning and ethos of the brand;
From scratch, I define the creative direction and build those creative guidelines.

I inspire and involve in order to get buy-in.

Through showing people “what we could be tomorrow” and involving them from the start, I get them to buy into the vision and commit to deliver.

I have been told I am a "driving force".

Over the years, I built a solid track record in project management and have successfully built, led and motivated cross-functional teams as well as directly managed talents on a day-to-day basis.

I don’t hesitate to take on my time to support and grow junior members.

It is important for me to share the knowledge with my teammates, no matter their title, and I always learn from it too.

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