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What people say

“Joey has worked for me in the Digital team for almost 3 years, first as Digital Activation Manager and then promoted to Group Web Strategist. She is incredibly hard working and sets herself very high standards.

During her time in the Digital team she constantly took the initiative to learn new areas that she hadn't been exposed to before, for example driving the implementation of a SEO platform to improve our Search across our websites. She has also been a strong advocate of the DTC and has been driving the strategy to grow our owned ecom.

Joey is curious and keen to learn and develop. She works really well with her peers in the digital team as well as cross functionally with the brand teams or local markets and is a real team player.

She has a strong strategic sense but is also very hands-on which is a great combination, she is super organised and was the best project manager we had in our team.

Over the 3 years together she delivered so many great 360 campaigns and projects with strong results. With her creative flair and analytical sense she has such a potential and I know she will do fabulously wherever she goes. I am really excited to see what's next for Joey and can't recommend her enough! You'll be very lucky to get her in your team.”

—  Louise Booth, Group Digital Director, Colart

(Louise managed me directly)

“Johana was a pivotal member of the Colart digital team driving our website strategy and providing the vision and drive to both define and deliver key projects whilst managing a portfolio of digital campaigns. She has formidable levels of energy and is highly focused on business success with a keen eye for the detail. Her excellent strategic and product delivery abilities are further reinforced by strong complementary skills including UX and design, SEO, content and campaign management.


Within a team environment Joey brings strong and collaborative leadership providing clear communication to her colleagues and taking a mentoring approach to progressing the skills and careers of the junior members of the team.


Its been a real pleasure working with Joey over the last 2 years and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again and can thoroughly recommend her to future clients and employers.”

—  Toby Russell, Chief Technology and Digital Officer, Colart (Toby managed me indirectly)

“Joey was the Website Strategist when I joined the Digital Team at Colart in my first graduate job. Joey is an outstanding professional, committed to delivering the highest quality results, whilst unselfishly sharing her expertise in and building the skill of those working with her.


Her infectious enthusiasm and strong work ethic inspires those around her to raise their standards and achieve more.


As a mentor, she went above an beyond, providing a perfect balance of support whilst allowing me the freedom to make the project my own, taking me through each "first time" project milestone before letting me taking the lead, encouraging my learning and building my confidence.

I feel very fortunate to have worked closely with Joey. She was an absolute pleasure to have as a colleague. Her passion, dedication and constant drive to deliver the highest of standards is something I will aspire to achieve in my future professional career.”

—  Lauren Oliver, Digital Specialist, Colart
(I managed and mentored Lauren)

I have worked closely with Johana (as a Web Developer), where she has been leading major projects for Colart brands. She is extremely passionate, exciteable and lovely to be around. Her energy motivates me and drives all our team members to succeed. Johana manages projects with great care, attention to detail and transparency. She is always willing to accept feedback, but assertive when necessary. I feel like she is a great listener, which I find vital when managing a team of experienced and highly skilled employees.

—  Giuliano Riosa, Developer, Colart

(Jules and I were peers)

For almost one year, I had the absolute pleasure of working in the same team as Johana. Since my very first day at Colart, I was impressed to see her passion for what she does and the energy which she dedicates into her tasks. As a flexible and resilient team player, Johanna would always be the person who lifts the team in challenging situations and, most importantly, the person who knows how to make each part of the team reach their full potential. Joey is also very enthusiastic about learning something new every time she has the possibility to and is not afraid of being a hands-on professional. Moreover, Joey has a big heart and is always ready to help every one, never letting herself limit to her job description or scope of work.

—  Adriano Nannini, Digital Analyst, Colart

(Adri and I were peers)

“Johana brought me into the company as a temporary resource to help out with the annual trade fair. Following the event and despite not coming from a marketing background, she kept me on at the company as a marketing assistant. Johana has been an endless source of knowledge and support to me from the beginning. I have gone from knowing very little about the business and marketing to managing my own projects and working with creative agencies. Johana helps me grow by providing guidance while still allowing me to develop my own ideas and opinions. She is a great listener and will go out of her way to help me and is always there for me when I need a confidence boost. Johana is kind, trustworthy and honest and this makes her a great mentor, everything I face in this job she has seen and dealt with before and is able to share her learnings. Her passion and love for the job is contagious and I love working with her everyday.”

—  Kim Turrel, Marketing executive, Liquitex brand, Colart
(I managed and mentored Kim)

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